The Helen Diary: 2020MAR17

┬áThe day began with a dream. Waking from it anyway. Part one of the dream involved seeing the “sprits of illness” which were discordant and lurid colors. Then I was downstairs in a house I have gone in dreams many times. Open plan, modern. Then in the basement was a dusty sculpture garden. Looked like a graveyard, with headstones marking outdated concepts, ways of thinking, habits, and institutions. Dark, dusty and spooky it made me want to run back up the dream stairs. Yet I stayed put, holding my dream cleaning rag and preparing to use it.

Next thing I know a mixed herd of koalas and sloths cartwheeled across the space. Bringing lifeforce, light, and the smells and scents of rainforest and eucalyptus groves. All is well, they seemed to say. And as they passed through the dream room I woke up, wondering at the crazy scene. True, precious Nature is recovering the longer the reduction in travel and manufacturing last. Despite the uncertainty, which is only affecting the one species. And the actions of that species (humans) has adversely affected or outright extinquished so many others. Could it be that this situation was for the good of the planet? Thinning a herd?

Later that day a decision was made to ask people with compromised immune systems or a cocktail of underlying health conditions to stay at home for 12-16 weeks. And that was us.

Why is this daily diary named after what many consider a troublesome weed? Well nettles are actually a medicine. The leaves and seeds can be eaten as food. And they can symbolize protection o thresholds. Mostly between life and death. And so as we see the current situation to be so fraught with transition and change? The name seemed to fit.

Anyway, after waking up I wrote for 45 minutes, did a morning meditation and had breakfast. Due to how it is to get to shops when you are supposed to be self-isolating we are both cutting down on how much we eat. This isn’t a hardship due to us both being overweight. Such a luxury. After this I worked on my “Crystal Kin” program plan, did some writing for a book I am doing with a friend, and looked into my shop to see if there were orders that needed filling.

After lunch I went for a walk through the fields and across the river. I covered my face with a pashmina shawl and greeted two people who passed at a distance of 2 meters and had a large dog. “I am not sick, just covering for courtesy” I said. They smiled and passed along.

I spend half an hour at Hecate’s Crossroad. This is what I call a section of the local open space. It is a threeway path through grass and at the edge of hedges of rose, blackberry, willow, birch and many kinds of grass. I saw the first bees of the season and rejoiced. I stood in the wind, with sun on my face. I did some stretches and also The Universal Form and Padma Breathing taught to me several years back. I left the field feeling refreshed. Then I came home to have tea and to prepare for my evening all with an international coach who I was invited to speak with, although it was really shaping up to be one of those meetings whose purpose I didn’t know.

When you are a seer there are hunches and actions, conversations and decisions that you make which may not correspond to anyone else’s version of reality. In this case it turns out the reason I was being linked up with this beautiful person was that my fairly unique perspective and use of astrology is one that she would like to have offered to her community. I was born with start charts in my head, and the ability to hear the planets — in a manner of speaking of course. I have perspectives on all kinds of things that happen on a daily, monthly, yearly or other basis. The configuration i mentioned to her that seemed most intriguing is one that Earth hasn’t seen for over 25,000 years. And it is part of the shifts and changes leading up to my staying at home, along with thousands and thousands of others. But more on that at another time.

Ended up the day with giving a distance treatment in energy medicine to a person who has been helping sick people for the past few days. It is amazing to me how much of a difference these treatments can make in overall vitality. Now it is time to go to sleep so we can perhaps make it to town to get a bit more food, the washing, and some lavender essential oil. After that we close the house. Was added to a group today that connects housebound people with volunteers who are willing to pick up things at the shop, get repeat medicaton, etc. Bless these folks and the NHS.