Beacon Purpose Reading (60 Minutes)



This reading is about getting in touch with your purpose, your sources of energy and your lessons. And what lessons are becoming gifts that you can share with the world. 

It is always our choice to heed our callings or not. Yet how many sleepless nights or boring days are you willing to spend? How many more second-guessing sessions, dejected days, or bouts of doubt are you willing to endure?


During the quickly changing times we are in it becomes even more important that we have some clarity about what features of our life are here to stay. And what purpose is being served by our experiences.

We human beings are given a questing mind and a desiring heart. We are conscious of our mortality and we do not want to waste the precious time we have here. Astrology has both personal and big trans-personal cycles of growth and change. We find ourselves at the moment in the middle of several big cycles at once, no kidding, right? 


In this session we look at your chart and discuss the purpose-marks and features. And your sources of energy.

To bring you more clarity we review some of the recent transits and how they are affecting your ability to show up as your most authentic and shining self. And we look at how people and situations may be attracted to you because of how you shine.

This may sound abstract and yet it is both a biological and quantum fact that how we are choosing to be day by day is actually part of creating our immediate environment and experience.

Our relationships, who we are here to "bump into" on our journey, what are we here to heal, and what purpose does all of that serve?

It is right in the chart if you know where to look.


As a dedicated astrologer it is part of my job to see things coming down the pipeline. Because of the huge shifts I was seeing, I began 18 months ago to create a new kind of chart reading that could bring the key information together for someone and help them anchor into their truth and let it shine.

Because this would help them and oh so very much also help the world.

And this is the reading I have created here. I look forward to supporting your maximum clarity and true expression into this world. 

I thank you for being a beacon, for living on purpose, and for booking your session here with me today.


Receive Guidance and Inspiration in this 1-Hour Spiritual Readings format - delivered one-to-one via Zoom, directly to your computer. (NOTE: This includes personal astrological chart information. ) Time permitting, additional things we can look at, which are part of many of my clients' lives, are the following:

  • Eliminate the guesswork in making decisions about your best steps forward.
  • Be more strategic & successful, and know the reasons for your choices.
  • Master the elusive work-life balance and stop getting stressed out by situations.
  • Cultivate deep resilience and calm whilst winning & thriving. Get re-centered.
  • Increase your energy levels and those of your teams by targeting your tasks.
  • Learn to hear your soul and interpret its wise counsel for yourself.
  • Be inspired again & celebrate, knowing your are on your own right road.
  • Align your business activities to flourish with the cosmic tides.
  • Leverage my decades of experience with mindful business & applied spirituality.
  • Find the win-win-win between you, your business, and our planet.
  • Take advantage of my gifts and talents for your best life. Start today.


Length of Time 60 Minutes