Crystal Kin

Imagine if you had a way to directly communicate your love to planet Earth. 

Imagine if you were able to receive grounded, ancient wisdom directly from her.

Imagine if you could create a loop of love that aligned you with your true purpose, gifts,
and recharged you and your crystals with life force and quiet natural power.

The Crystal Kin Technique (c) is a new technique originated and stewarded by Helen Faith Drummond. It has been developed based on dreams & visions, combined with decades of spiritual practice and study. 

She has shared her insights, inspiration and guidance with hundreds of people so far through her work,
and looks forward to share with you. First release is a "Lockdown Essentials" e-book based upon an Earth Day 2020 conversation & recorded instructions.
Practice sessions will start in May.

Including a Facebook group into the mix was an inspiration to share this and other programs with people while still in development. Anyone who purchases from this shop between May 1st and July 31 will be given free group admission for the remainder of 2020 (a 264 GBP value). This is by way of a thank you for being part of the international roll-out and launch of this program.

The Bridge Guide Transformational Play Group is the place where many programs will be rolled out first. There will be meditation lives, oracle readings and social opportunities with conscious and planet-loving people.

Look forward to seeing you there if you decide to join it.

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