Hi, I'm Claire, welcome to my webpage.

I'm looking forward to meeting you.

To start us off, here are a few things about me: 

People & colour have intrigued me for as long as I can remember & have been central to my various career moves. My passion around the energy of colour, has been handed down through generations. It is instrumental in all that I do, from getting dressed in the morning, to interior decoration - of all environments - & to the food on my plate. 

Reiki has been particularly helpful in reinforcing my knowledge, methods & beliefs & has been supported by use of Crystals, Angel cards, Auras, Fung Shui, as well as other techniques. After a less than confident start, I now realise & relish the fact that using colour & energy are my life’s work & passion. 

Qualified to teach adults, I’ve moved through teaching more sober subjects, such as Law, to the Holistic, which for me, is the more exciting & satisfying side of life. It’s now five years since I qualified as a Reiki Master/Teacher.  

In my spare time, as a trained Counsellor, I worked with NHS patients in a voluntary capacity. More recently, at it’s inception & with delight, I joined Medic-Care - a volunteer group to support front line, NHS medics, using Reiki. 

I also have a strong interest in Astrology & find myself more & more respecting the Moon phases. 

Let's discover the colours of your soul.

Invitation to work with me:

If you’re fascinated by the colours of the rainbow & the depth of the night skies & wonder what it all means for you, come & chat with me.  

I’m proud that I rarely fit into boxes created by life & officialdom & therefore, ensure that my clients are similarly not forced into boxes. Our work together is tailored in full consultation with you, for you, your needs & your situation, using one or more of the approaches mentioned. 

What people say about me:

“You’re a very caring, funny & unique (in the best possible way) person. You’re into adventure & Spiritual things.” 

“You are as unique a person as I’ve spoken to in many years.” 

“Thank you so much for a wonderful experience yesterday. I much needed calmness and you created such a sense of that and it lasted all evening and beyond. I hope the shins will survive Sunday’s run and am confident that you helped hugely. For your time, your care and your support I can not thank you enough, so sending a big thank you hug!”  

Looking forward to hearing from you,

email me today using the address below: