Energy Work

Energy-work is on the forefront of solutions in our busy lives today. Our raw life-force is used up by so many conditions in our world, such as pollutants, stress, late-nights, fast-food & not enough exercise and other imbalances.

Chronic energy problems may worsen our concerns such as insomnia, overwhelm, back-ache, burn-out, or low interest in pleasurable pursuits. Lack of vitality can lower our resistance to relationship and work stress, further contributing to stress. 

Our body's energy can be replenished. Doing this can do very good things for our feelings of well-being.  For more information on energy, click here

It is recommended to do a full series energy cleanse at the outset for best results. These sessions can be delivered in-person or at a distance. They are equally effective either way.

No special preparation or knowledge is required. These sessions are places for you to relax and receive. If you wish to have the session delivered with coaching at a distance we accomplish this by using Zoom.

I look forward to hearing from you and seeing your life blossom with more energy!