Getting some help to see our options, make informed choices, or in other ways more clearly see a situation can be a very valuable thing. Part of my soul's mission is to help people see clearly, and catalyze their lives to have more joy, light and love. This involves working with daily life choices.

I have been recognised since my teens to have a high degree of accuracy with spiritual vision.  Since then I have engaged in over 30 years of daily meditation and spiritual practice designed to open the intuition and enable clear speaking of the truth. The field I enter into is called Aletheia, "naked truth" which I combine with support from guardians of compassion and loving kindness thus maintaining purity of intention. I am not a medium, as I do not connect with third-parties, rather I listen to your soul-resonance and hold a space for your heart's desires to emerge.

I have used this seeing capacity, along with lived-wisdom, plus skill and practical experience from decades of training and work in the worlds of business, charity, and spiritual / community service. This gives you added benefit. 

​In order to assist seekers I may hear from ancestors, wisdom guides, various states of consciousness that surround each person, which enables me to directly interpret information. I may use oracles, cards, astrology, dialogue, and other modalities as needed to help you key in on practical alternatives and solutions.

​People seek me out for Love Readings, Directional Clarification, Abundance & Career Path, Soul Strategy (often using Astrology) and General Guidance.

Duration is determined by complexity of request and the amount of preparation required, as in the case of preparation of your Astrology Chart.

​How can I help?