Honouring Hestia (90 Minutes)



As the story goes, Goddess Hestia gave up her seat when they wanted to include a new member to the Gods' council. Rather than increasing the number of thrones to 13, Hestia wisely preserved the peace, and took her seat at the fire in the center of the enormous hall. She was also given a shrine in each mortal home to insure her importance would be maintained with the people. Fast forward until now, and many are waking up to her story. And are looking for life stories and examples to help them animate their soul curriculum in changing times. 

By choosing this session you are electing to receive guidance and Inspiration from my years of working with Goddess Archtypes in Astrology. This is a 90-Minute live format - delivered one-to-one via Zoom, directly to your computer. We look at everything as a hologram, and identify where archtypes are informing your journey.

Astrological charts give clues to our Life Purpose, and speak volumes to those who know how to hear and interpret the conversations contained there. When we bring back the feminine balance to the chart, by including the many dwarf planets and asteroids into the mix we receive a richer and more nuanced sense of what is possible for us.

In conjunction with this session you may:
  • Have aha moments of clarity and joy, seeing yourself reflected in your chart
  • Get into deeper contact with you soul and her mode of communication
  • Eliminate the guesswork in making decisions about your best steps forward.
  • Be more strategic & successful, and know the reasons for your choices.
  • Master the elusive work-life balance and stop getting stressed out by situations.
  • Cultivate deep resilience and calm whilst winning & thriving. Get re-centered.
  • Increase your energy levels and get better at prioritizing your tasks.
  • Be inspired again & celebrate, knowing your are on your own right road.
  • Align your business activities to flourish with the cosmic tides.
  • Leverage my decades of experience with mindful business & applied spirituality.
It is my true joy to serve people on their journeys. Because my clients come from all over the world, if you do not see a time that works for you (when look at the calendar link which you receive with your order confirmation) please be in touch with me to see about an "after hours" spot. This is the best time to schedule your session. I look forward to seeing you soon.