Life Purpose Activation (3)



In just three  (3x90-minute) sessions we can plug in to a whole new level of life. We can uncover important details of our life path, begin to make a course change if needed, and increase our enjoyment of life. When we learn what our soul blueprint has to tell us it puts many of our existing situation and past life experiences into perspective. Through this process we gain immediate wisdom and insight into our particular situation. And we can make a first strong step in our chosen direction.

In our three meetings (via Zoom) we first look at your birth chart and the clear map it has to offer us. After that session we do review and insight exercises. In our second session we will review and calibrate how to best use the attributes of your chart to activate the pieces of your life that will bring you the most joy and soul growth. You will do some more exercises before the next session and on session three we will go through my signature process to further clarify & specify before activating for your next steps. My decades of business and lifestyle coaching experience and expertise afford you special benefit in creating concrete and do-able next steps in your graceful and powerful move ahead.

How do you know if this is the right next step for you? Do you agree with the following five statements?
  • You know there is more possible for your life than you are currently experiencing.
  • You know there is more to you than your past experience, conditioning and unexplored potential.
  • You get promptings and weird feelings when you think about going on as you are with no change.
  • You are aware both of the costs of not living your full life & the joy of living into your soul.
  • You are willing to invest in yourself and the chance of being able to do more for the world.
Stepping in to a new life can be exhilarating, scary or even boring at first. It is so much better with a map.

Your investment includes a full-initial Life Path/Purpose astrological overview, plus two next step session to allow you to clarify, specify and activate your chosen next steps. Integration exercises and tools support your progress, & each session includes next-step plans to help you keep on track going forward.

Won't you put yourself into the lead position in your own life today? I would love to work together.


Number of Sessions 3
Includes Activation Support Workbook (e-book)