Each lifestyle choice we make opens a door. Healthy and fun choices are sometimes easy. Sometimes not. Especially when we experience cravings, or have challenges such as a stressful work schedule, our best intentions can go by the wayside in favour of survival mode. Holistic Lifestyle helps balance our daily nourishment, activities, and celebrations. We can have fun with our improvements.

I am a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition & a certified Health Coach. Prior to attending school I worked with diet, exercise, meditation and guidance to transform my own life, and help others to do so in their own lives. I overcame serious illnesses and dug deep into my maternal healing lineage, anthropological studies, Eastern medicine, and energy techniques to discover how to do this. Decades of meditation & mindfulness practice has allowed me to make new choices and gain resilience. I did this while living and working in busy corporate and small business roles, and as a key volunteer in social groups & charities.

What this means for you is? I have to tools, skills, experience and knowledge to support you in getting where you want to go. Some of my areas of success include:

Weight-loss, stress-reduction, upgrading to healthier lifestyle
Challenges of environmental & allergy related dietary & lifestyle change, 
Handling increased demands and life expansion (happy troubles)
Life Alignment to get more satisfaction and eliminate big stressors
Moving through transitions such as job change, divorce, health hurdles & diagnoses
Having enough with status quo boredom and going for your heart's desires
And many more.

How may I serve you today?