Lifestyle Coaching Package (5)



In your 5 x 60-minutes sessions, delivered over Zoom, we dive into creating your best life.

There are phases to each stage of growth. And the same goes for lifestyle change. It is an act of creation and yet also can require us to let go of a few things that are not serving our own best interests. This is all workable.

While in-theory we can work on these things through one-off individual sessions, a la carte, the majority of  people make more progress and changes when they schedule a series. 

Working in a series allows a cadence to form, strategic use of time, accountability, and maximum creativity.

Transformation requires expansion, yes, but also contraction. And this way you have a guide at you side for all of that. Like a consulting architect, I give you all my secrets to help you design and build, and yet the finished product is all yours <round of applause for your please>.


When you think about what you really want to experience, can you feel it and sense it ahead? How great will it feel to "be there" already? 

And if you don't step into advocacy for yourself, what then? How many more days, weeks or months? Or even years, will you be willing to put yourself on hold.

I encourage you to get started right away.

You deserve your best life, whatever that means to you at the moment. 


By the time I began my formal coach-training (in 2005/2006) and stepped out in practice, I had already been living the process of transformation. I had been helping others, and learning from them. I learned from my own obstacles and triumphs.

And I am in this business today because I am passionate about people being happy -- as they define it. It is one of the main pieces of my "big why" for my own life choices. 


Some people use this package to finish off a change they have already been working on. Others use it to get a good start on something new. 

We will speak about the timing between sessions as part of your first one. We will calibrate to your life and possibilities around the speed of your shift.

You want it to be geared to your life and soul-blueprint? To your own unique spiritual DNA and lifestyle?

I really wouldn't want to have it any other way.


Shall we?


Length of Session 60 minutes