Meditation Coaching (7)



As a student of meditation you know that practice is a key to gaining benefits in your everyday life. You may also know that one of the best ways to accelerate your practice is to spend time training with someone who meditates well.

Did you know that it is also possible to be coached? If the person you enlist to do this for you has the tools and matured awareness they can help you clarify your approach. They can help you de-bug thought patterns and loops. 

Meditating with such a person can help your mind relax into its own natural state.

Are you ready for a breakthrough?


Is this product for you?

Yes, if you have been meditating for awhile and have run into an obstacle such as boredom, distraction, physical discomfor that only seems to come up when you sit down to practice. 

Yes, if you have discovered a false-reality or belief-system wall which seems to be keeping you from moving forward.

Yes, if you are yearning to breakthrough to the next level of experience in your practice which you can feel at the edges of your mind.

Yes, if you have been struggling and striving but it is wearing you out rather than taking you within.


Why choose me, Helen (The Bridge Guide) as your coach?

As a 40-year meditator, I have spent time in practice in a variety of locations and stages of life. I know how the mind works when calm, enraged, at-work, in-love, at play or in crisis. 

I began my meditation journey with a goal in mind. I wanted to be happy for no reason. I wanted to feel more awake and alive. I wanted to perform better in my chosen work. I wanted inner peace.

After 20 years of daily practice in the basics, i spent 15 additional years of practice in advance techniques and training over several years in both Himalayan and Alpine retreats I was officially trained in beginning and intermediate meditation and mindfulness instruction. 

And I haven't stopped. Meditation, and the stability, grounding and clarity it has brought me is a key ingredient to my personal success and joy in my everyday.


If this sounds like something that could benefit you I would love to be of service to you on your path.

Stepping in to a new level of meditative power can be one of the things that can give us a new life. 

Won't you put yourself into the lead position in your own life today? I would love to work together.


In our first session we create your plan and get started.

Your investment includes 7 session (60-minutes each) by Zoom. This means you can be anywhere in the world when you have your sessions. 

Meditation styles may vary and yet the brainwaves and mind-body connection tend to follow very similar patterns in people with modern lives. We will work with your fundamentals, and we will start where you are. You can do this. I am ready when you are.


Number of Sessions 4
Includes Coaching, worksheets & email support