Mission Nutrition (12)



Mission. Purpose. Person.

Have you ever stopped to think about where your life purpose and mission would be without your body?

Nowhere. True. Right?

Part of how we show up for what it important to us is exactly how we show up for ourselves. 


Mission Nutrition is a key part of how successful we will be in walking forward with integrity.

We can make a complete life change in six months. In my brand of nutrition we look at everything that affects our nourishment. This includes love, career, movement, food choices / nutrition, and "spiritual nutrition." We look at what is stopping us from making our changes and we turbo-charge our energy towards our personal targets.

We meet (via Zoom) twice per month, for your completely bespoke program. What works for us is often not the same as  what will work for someone else. And then there are some foundational things that everyone needs to work with to upgrade their lifestyle. I have spent decades studying, implementing, and helping other people with body and lifestyle. I can help you turn down the noise and focus on what works for you.

Stepping in to a new life can be exhilarating, scary or even boring at first. We have some fun ways to look at "boredom" which show how necessary and restoring it really is.

Your investment includes a full-initial assessment, a fully custom program designed to help you achieve your transformation, plus 11 1-hour coaching sessions (total 12 x 60-minute Zoom sessions).

Your results are up to you, as far as how you walk your talk. Yet I have spent decades helping people step into a better relationship with their bodies. And I have walked through illnesses and succeeded in overcoming my share of health obstacles. And emerged stronger. 

 Won't you put yourself at the center of your own life today? I would love to work together.


Number of Sessions 12