Practical Astrology 1



New Class is starting soon.

How would you feel if you could use your astrology chart as a guide for decision making?

Have you ever wondered what the planets in the sky have to do with your own soul blueprint?

Have you read about astrology yet craved a personal introduction to the secret language?

Are you good at astrology but feel there is something missing in your understanding of how to apply it to your life?

What do I get from this investment?

If you take in your downloads and work with the material and your own chart in your everyday life, you will be very comfortable with using astrology for practical matters.

In this introductory course we explore how the personal planet transits can accelerate our personal & business growth. We learn to determine best timings for initiating or completing projects. We come to understand some of our mood-swing loops and cravings. We get better at relying on our own internal resources.

This course is taught over 3 months (six sessions total). The course is taught in circle-style and over Zoom.

An astrology FaceBook membership is included in this investment.