Purpose Astrology

The kind of astrology I do is practical, and it is about mission and purpose. 

For years I was asked by many people to share my astrology readings and teachings with them. For almost fifty years I have studied, practiced and researched the movements of the planets in people's lives and in the workings of the world. 

After I was told repeatedly (even by astrologers) that what I offer is unique, I decided to offer it more widely. And this shop is the results. The astrology readings you receive here are designed to bring you clarity, decision points, inspiration and information.

I studied several kinds of astrology, as well as other mystical sciences to evolve my style of chart interpretation, which I call, "Lattice Astrology" and it is very helpful to people. It looks at the connections between the planets and person, and the planets and each other. It uses both Tropical (tradition constellation relationships) and Sidereal (how the constellations actually line up today). And there is much, much more.

What it means to you is that it takes into account the practical ways what happens in the skies can directly serve our purposeful aims on Planet Earth.

I look forward to sharing it with you in one of these ways. Let's take a look, and see what are your mission and purpose markers. Let's look at your Solar and other cycles to give you clarity on opportunities.

Let's meet soon.