Sister Circle

£297.00 £397.00


Sharing an astrology reading with your hand-picked close friends or soul sisters can bring something new to the relationships. If you would like to have a special session with you and two close ones then this is your opportunity.

This offering grew out of some surprising sessions where we found that doing the reading together can bring out so much support and shared understanding.

This 90-minute session is designed for three people. If you are looking to create a reading circle for a larger group please be in touch by email so we can ensure there will be enough time to give everyone fair attention. I can be reached at (subject: Sister Circle)

You will receive an email telling you how to book a shared time, and what info I will need to do your session.

This session is suitable for those with any level of understanding of astrology as long as each has a desire to know more about it and to use it to have a friendly and loving time with friends.