Solar Return (60 Minutes)



An update about the coming chapter of your story.

The natal chart shows the overall soul blueprint, the outline of the book. Yet we are making choices with life each day. And when the sun comes back to the same degree as it was when we were born, it is as if a new chapter is literally opening up. By looking at the Solar Return chart we can see trajectories, where emphasis will be placed, and how our own individual life fits in with the movement of the whole.

This is usually a reading chosen by repeat customers and yet if you have not worked with me before I will still take a look at the natal chart transits for your Solar Return date and tie them in for you to allow maximum integration of the information -- so you can make immediate use of it.

Just like with all of my astrological guidance sessions you will receive Information and Inspiration as the chart shows to be the most important. And time permitting we can also look at questions you have so you can get the most of of your time.

This 1-Hour Spiritual Readings format - delivered one-to-one via Zoom, directly to your computer. (NOTE: This includes personal astrological chart information.) And we can look at these kinds of things along with your regular astrological topics. Again, time permitting in the hour. 

  • Eliminate the guesswork in making decisions about your best steps forward.
  • Be more strategic & successful, and know the reasons for your choices.
  • Master the elusive work-life balance and stop getting stressed out by situations.
  • Cultivate deep resilience and calm whilst winning & thriving. Get re-centered.
  • Increase your energy levels and those of your teams by targeting your tasks.
  • Learn to hear your soul and interpret its wise counsel for yourself.
  • Be inspired again & celebrate, knowing your are on your own right road.
  • Align your business activities to flourish with the cosmic tides.
  • Leverage my decades of experience with mindful business & applied spirituality.
  • Find the win-win-win between you, your business, and our planet.
  • Take advantage of my gifts and talents for your best life. Start today.


Length of Time 60 Minutes