Today's Question (60 Minutes)



Receive Guidance and Inspiration in this 1-Hour Spiritual Readings format - delivered one-to-one via Zoom, directly to your computer. (NOTE: If you would also like me to include your personal astrological chart information please choose the 90-Minute session. )
  • Eliminate the guesswork in making decisions about your best steps forward.
  • Be more strategic & successful, and know the reasons for your choices.
  • Master the elusive work-life balance and stop getting stressed out by situations.
  • Cultivate deep resilience and calm whilst winning & thriving. Get re-centered.
  • Increase your energy levels and those of your teams by targeting your tasks.
  • Learn to hear your soul and interpret its wise counsel for yourself.
  • Be inspired again & celebrate, knowing your are on your own right road.
  • Align your business activities to flourish with the cosmic tides.
  • Leverage my decades of experience with mindful business & applied spirituality.
  • Find the win-win-win between you, your business, and our planet.
  • Take advantage of my gifts and talents for your best life. Start today.


Length of Time 60 Minutes